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Our digital banking is available 24/7 and we encourage you to utilize it for all your banking needs. We do understand that some of your banking may require a trip to the branch. Good news, our tellers are in the lobbies and ready to assist you. For any of your other needs, please make an appointment.


U of I Community Credit Union helps you earn more with great rates on savings accounts and save more with competitive rates on all types of loans. Check out our current rates!


“Best service ever. Especially from Alicia, she’s the best!”

Travis B

“I have been at U of I Credit Union for four years. It’s been credible to be a member of this bank, he helped me to be active in my different transactions especially with my credit card. I have right now eighteen people that I brought as members in this bank. The one thing I told them is ‘U of I Credit Union gives you chance to get an account even if you have a low income.”

Cesar M