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UICCU Digital Banking is rated the #1 locally used digital banking platform

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Simple, straightforward digital banking.

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Our digital banking app is available 24/7.

With the same great experience from your desktop to your phone, you literally don’t need to leave the couch.

(at least until your hungry…but we’re working on that)


And it’s pretty legit. Don’t take our word for it, though. (We’re biased.)

See what others have to say.


“Great banking app. Easy to use and they are always looking to improve. We very seldom have to actually go to the bank.”
“This app is very visually pleasing and easy to navigate! I had no trouble at all viewing my accounts and finding other features was easy to use as well! 5 stars for me!”

Card Controls

Misplaced your card? Whoops! Lock or unlock your UICCU debit and credit cards in your app.

Account Alerts

Secure your accounts by setting up alerts. You can keep having fun with no worries!

Real-Time Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks on-the-go in real time. Except while driving. Let’s not do that.

Open Accounts & Loans

Super fast and convenient with a pre-filled application. Does it get any easier?

Secure Message

As easy and safe as it sounds. Relax knowing it will only be accessed by the person you sent it to.

Money Transfers

Pay bills and transfer money at the click of a button. For when it’s time to split the check.


Plus, check out our credit monitoring tool absolutely free!

Now you can manage your credit, check your credit score, and save money. All in your digital banking!

We dare you to find something better.

Check it out now..

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I order checks in Digital Banking?

It’s easy!

1. Select your Checking or Money Market Account

2. Over on the right, click on “Actions”

3. From there, select “Order Checks” and you’re there!

Q: Can I create or change my Debit Card PIN in Digital Banking?

It’s easy! Just call (888) 886-0083.

It’s an automated number that lets you create or change your Debit Card PIN any time!

Q: Can I access my Visa Credit Card rewards in Digital Banking?

Click on your Visa Credit Card.

At the top right-hand side of the page (or in the drop down menu on Mobile) click the green “Redeem Rewards” link. This takes you to straight to your credit card rewards!

Q: Can I set up a payment from another Credit Union/Bank in Digital Banking?

1. Click “Transfer” or “Make a Transfer” (depending whether you’re on a mobile device or desktop)

2. If making a transfer from your UICCU account, click “New Transfer” and select the account you want to pay from

3. If paying from another Bank or Credit Union account, click +Add a Destination Account -> Add New External Account at Other Institution

4. After receiving a one-time passcode, choose your financial institution from the list or select “I can’t locate” at the bottom

5. After typing in your other bank’s account information, you will receive 2 small trial deposits in your other account within 1 business day

6. Once the 2 deposits appear in your other account, log back in to your Digital Banking and go to “Destination Accounts” and click Verify

You are now able to schedule a payment to your loan AND make it recurring!

Q: Can I locate my Account Number in Digital Banking?

It’s easy!

Just click on whichever account you need your Account # for, then click on “Details” and you will see your Full Account account at the top!

Q: Can I enroll in and view my eStatements in Digital Banking?

eStatements are now located under Actions -> Documents and Statements

Stop hesitating.

Download our mobile app today and see for yourself why we are rated #1.


Start banking better.


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