Board of Directors

As a credit union, UICCU is governed by its members. Our members elect a Board of Directors from among the membership. These unpaid volunteers are focused on the welfare of their fellow members and the sound operation of the credit union. Please feel free to share your ideas, comments, and suggestions with your Board of Directors by emailing

Distinguished Former Volunteers

We would like to recognize the following professionals for their time and commitment as volunteer Directors of the credit union.

Madeleine J, Board Member 2005-2008

Richard J, Board Member 2007-2009

Thomas R, Board Member 2006-2011

Scott P, Board Member 2009-2014

David J, Board Member 2007 – 2016

Dennis S, Board Member 1988 – 1993 ; 2004 – 2009 ; 2014 – 2016

Marcia M, Board Member 1989 – 2019

Avon M, Board Member 2006 – 2019

Joe V, Board Member 2010 – 2019

Current Board Members

Chris H

Chris Hansen


Anni Mc

Anni McClellan

Vice Chairperson

Napolean K

Napoleon Knight


Sharon A

Sharon Allen

Board Member

Jane S

Jane Solon


Jason H

Jason Hirsbrunner

Board Member

Chris R

Chris Randles

Board Member

Aaron Carter

Board Member

Suzanne Sampson

Supervisory Committee Member

Sarah Crane

Board Member