Overdraft Protection

We know you’ve got a busy life, from keeping up with schoolwork to keeping up with a family, a career, or even a business. So we know that every once in a while, miscalculations might happen. When they do, we’ll be here to help you protect your checking account from non-sufficient funds (NSF) transactions. U of I Community Credit Union’s overdraft protection options save you money and embarrassment while also helping protect your credit record.

Overdraft Protection Options

Automatic Savings Overdraft Transfer

When your checking account doesn’t have sufficient funds, the amount needed to cover any items clearing your account will be automatically transferred from your Share Savings Account. There is a limit of six transfers per month.

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

An Overdraft Protection Line of Credit is a revolving loan with limits ranging from $500 up to $2,500. If your checking account doesn’t have sufficient funds, the difference will automatically be covered by your line of credit. You can also use your line of credit to cover unexpected expenses or emergencies.

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