Get Paid Early

Your paycheck up to two days early.

Waiting for Friday is old news. Now, you can set up your direct deposit and get paid up to two days early! Yeah…we said two days early!

Why stop there?! These perks keep going when you set up your direct deposit.

  • Get a 0.5% discount on the interest rate on your next loan2
  • Get your tax refund early too, just like your paycheck!

It’s easy!

  1. Open your checking account
  2. Set up your direct deposit through your employer

Boom. Done.

Friday just came sooner!**

The deets on getting paid early…

How can I get paid early?

When you have an eligible direct deposit to your U of I Community Credit Union Checking Account, you will automatically get paid early.

How does Get Paid Early work?

Get Paid Early will give you access to your direct deposit up to two days prior to the scheduled payment date. Early availability of your paycheck is based on the timing of the payer’s payment instruction.

Will I always get my paycheck two days early?

There is no guarantee that you will always receive your paycheck up to two days early, since it depends on when each payroll item is received by us for posting. Monitoring your accounts to make sure your direct deposit is funded to your account before spending funds is important.

Is there a fee to Get Paid Early?

Fees? Nope! Get Paid Early is free to anyone with a U of I Community Checking Account. Just don’t forget to set up your direct deposit so that you can start enjoying an early payday!

When will I know that I got paid early?

Make sure to download our mobile app and turn on alerts for deposits in the app so you’ll be notified when you get paid early.

UICCU iOS App UICCU Android App

Click here to register for digital banking if you haven’t already.


If I have automatic deductions set up in digital, will those transfer early?

Auto transfers will not be affected with Get Paid Early. If you would like the funds to transfer the same day your payroll is deposited you can adjust the dates in digital banking.

2When you receive recurring direct deposit to your UICCU account, you may be able to access your funds up to three days early. No waiting for your money, and no paper check to get lost in the mail. You’ll get paid the same day the money is available – which could be up to three days before traditional banks. Early access to direct deposit funds depends on the timing of the submission of the payment file from the payer and may vary with each deposit. We generally make these funds available on the day the payment file is received, which may be up to three days earlier than the scheduled payment date. ½% discount on loan Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for members with a UICCU checking account with established direct deposit is available for consumer loans but excludes Mortgages, lines of credit, RV/balloon loans, VISA, and any other promotional or special APR offers. If a first direct deposit has not been received to your account prior to loan funding, proof of a direct deposit establishment may be required. APR discounts for direct deposit cannot be combined with any other APR discounts pertaining to checking accounts. All loans subject to credit approval and all applicants must qualify for and open a membership account at UICCU before loan funding. Offer available for a limited time and may be withdrawn without notice. Other restrictions may apply. Consult a UICCU representative for further information.

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