New Horizon Credit Union Merger

We’re glad you’re here! At UICCU, we pride ourselves on being friendly, knowledgeable, and a partner in our community. We want to ensure this process is seamless for you. On this page, you can find common questions, forms, general information, and some helpful links.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have during this process and beyond. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on this page, don’t hesitate to send us a message, give us a call at 217-278-7700, or stop into any of our branch locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Now that we’re past some of the formalities, let’s get to know each other. At the U of I Community Credit Union, we strive to be your financial coaches regardless of where you are in life. To get started, and ensure you have access to our online banking and mobile app, we ask that you send us a chat, give us a call or visit one of our branches to update your information.

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UICCU Products & Services

Banking can be simple and we want to prove it. We offer numerous accounts and products to give you options throughout your financial career. As a result of the merger, you will already have a Membership Savings with us. That’s the first step!

Membership Mailings

Notice of Membership Meeting – Mailed 12/21/2021
Welcome Packet – Mailed 3/9/2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Merger Information

  • Why is this merger taking place?
  • As outlined in the announcement from the New Horizon Credit Union board, the primary reasons for the merger are to:

    • Provide continued value of credit union membership;
    • Provide expanded access to products and services; and
    • Address challenges of competition, regulation, and succession planning.


  • When will the merger take place?
  • The effective date of the merger is projected to be May 1, 2022

  • What does the merger technically mean to me as a New Horizon Credit Union member?
  • The merger will result in your membership and accounts being transferred to the University of Illinois Community Credit Union (UICCU). New Horizon Credit Union assets and liabilities will be combined with UICCU and New Horizon Credit Union will cease operation as a credit union.

  • When will New Horizon Credit Union members vote on the merger?
  • New Horizon Credit Union members will vote at a special membership meeting at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, February 5, 2022 at Flight Line Event Center, Vermilion Regional Airport, 22633 N. Bowman Ave, Danville.

  • When will UICCU members vote on the merger?
  • It is not necessary for UICCU members to vote. The UICCU Board of Directors has already voted in favor of the merger, as has the New Horizon Credit Union Board of Directors.

  • Will New Horizon be represented on the UICCU Board of Directors?
  • Several New Horizon Credit Union board members plan to serve on an Advisory Board to UICCU.

U of I Community Credit Union Information

General Membership Information

  • Will my account number change?
  • Yes, you will receive information by mail in advance of the merger date, including your new UICCU account number.

  • If I already have accounts at UICCU, will my New Horizon Credit Union accounts be combined with them?
  • Your New Horizon Credit Union accounts will migrate under the account number described above and will be separate from any existing UICCU accounts. You may request that accounts be combined after the merger takes place.

  • Will New Horizon Credit Union be open during this process?
  • New Horizon Credit Union will be closed on Friday, April 29 and Saturday, April 30 in order to complete month-end processing and complete the data migration to UICCU’s computer system.

  • Will the New Horizon Credit Union Branch remain open after the merger?
  • Plans call for the current New Horizon Credit Union office to remain open.

  • How will my account access and usage be affected during the merger?
    • No branch access on Friday, April 29 and Saturday, April 30.
    • No Home Banking access on Friday, April 29 through Sunday, May 1
    • Debit card access will be available on your New Horizon Credit Union debit card through Saturday, April 30.
    • Debit card access will be available on your new UICCU debit card starting Sunday, May 1.
    • New Horizon Credit Union VISA credit card access will be available throughout the merger period.
    • You may write checks as usual during the merger period.


  • Will Home Banking be available during the merger?
  • The final day of Home Banking access on the existing New Horizon Credit Union Home Banking program will be Thursday April 28. A blackout will start on April 29, and you’ll be able to register for UICCU’s Digital Banking after May 1.

  • When will I have access to my new accounts at UICCU?
  • On May 1, the account merger process will be underway and data verification will be taking place. Full access will be made available as soon as possible after completion of this process.

  • After the merger, what will I need to bring with me to access my accounts?
  • For your security and protection, you will be required to present a valid driver’s license, state ID, or passport for information on your account and to conduct transactions.

  • Do I have to sign any paperwork to maintain my accounts?
  • Your current account agreements and loan documents are sufficient. We do ask that you provide your email address to UICCU in order to utilize Digital Banking services and to facilitate ongoing communication from the credit union. Now is also a good time to review contact information, any joint owners, and beneficiaries for all your accounts.

  • Do I have to re-enroll for Payroll Deduction?
  • Your current Payroll Deduction that goes to New Horizon Credit Union will automatically be directed to your new UICCU account(s).

Savings Account Information

  • What is UICCU’s Dividend Rate on Savings?
  • UICCU currently pays .05% APY on Regular Savings. Dividends are paid monthly.

  • Will there be changes to my Vacation Club account?
  • The rate will be based on UICCU’s Vacation Club Account rate and dividends will be paid monthly.

  • Will there be changes to my Christmas Club account?
  • Yes, you will be able to access funds during the year for a $5 withdrawal fee. Funds in the account will be transferred to Share Savings on October 1 each year rather than on November 1. The rate will be based on UICCU’s Christmas Club account and dividends will be paid monthly.

Checking Account Information

  • Will my checking account change?
  • Yes. Your New Horizon Credit Union Checking Account will be converted to a UICCU iChecking Account. You will receive a mailing with specific information about iChecking.

    iChecking is a totally free account. Benefits include:

    • Free debit card with online card controls
    • Free Online Bill Pay and Person-to-Person transfers
    • Free Digital Banking and Mobile App
    • Free transfers to/from your external accounts
    • Real time mobile check deposit
    • Free electronic statements
    • Free Overdraft from savings
    • Higher limit on daily ATM withdraws and debit card purchases
    • Digital Wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay)
    • And More.


  • When will I get a new UICCU debit card?
  • You should receive your new UICCU debit card during the second half of April. You must activate and use this card on and after May 1, 2022. Cards will be sent to your address of record with New Horizon Credit Union.

    Most debit card transactions will post immediately to your checking account, providing for a more up to date balance being shown in Digital Banking or on the UICCU App.

  • The following will continue:
    • Automatic payments – automatic payments currently set up with New Horizon’s routing number and checking account number will continue to post(ACH transactions)
    • Checks – New Horizon checks will continue to clear


  • What do I need to do as the merger date approaches?
  • Debit Card – Start using your new UICCU debit card for everything on May 1stUpdate your debit card information with merchants and companies who have your debit card on file for recurring payments

    Bill Pay – payments will process until 4/28/2022

    • Save Payment History – Save your payment history from NHCU online bill pay before 4/28/2022
    • Login – Login to UICCU Digital Banking
    • Set-Up – Set up online bill pay by clicking “Pay” or “Pay my Bills”
    • Add Payees – Set up your payees
    • Schedule Payments – Schedule your payments


  • Is there a fee to receive a paper statement for my checking account?
  • Yes, for checking accounts UICCU charges $2 per month for paper statements, unless you are under age 18 or over age 65. This fee will be waived for your May statement. Please enroll in eStatements in UICCU’s Digital Banking system.

  • How does Courtesy Pay work on my UICCU checking account after the merger?
  • UICCU may pay checks or recurring ACH items presented for payment and allow your account to go negative in doing so, rather than returning the item to the payee. A $30 Courtesy Pay fee will be charged for each item paid in this way. You may also add Courtesy Pay protection for debit card, ATM, and other transactions.

Digital Banking, Audio Response and Mobile Services

  • How can I access my accounts online or on my phone?
  • Access Digital Banking from UICCU’s home page at or download our mobile app “UICCU” for Apple or Android.

    To register for Digital Banking, all you’ll need is your UICCU Account Number, the last 6 digits of your Social Security Number, and an active email address on file. You’ll be prompted to create a new username and password, and then you’re in!

  • Does UICCU Digital Banking have the same functionality as New Horizon Credit Union Home Banking?
  • Yes, but way better.

    • Mobile app that seamlessly transitions to a desktop or tablet
    • Free credit score and credit monitoring
    • Bill Pay
    • Person to Person transfers
    • Transfers to/from your external accounts
    • Account alerts
    • Real-time mobile check deposit
    • Enhanced security features
    • Online check images
    • And so much more!


  • How can I ensure my scheduled transfers or payments continue to process?
  • Any existing scheduled transfers or payments will need to be rebuilt. This can be done in four clicks in UICCU’s Digital Banking under “Transfers”.

Loan Information

  • Will there be any changes to my loans?
  • Good news! Your current loan rate, payment, due date, and terms will remain as is. Any new loans or refinances will be based on UICCU’s rates and terms in effect at the time of the loan.

  • How do I make payments on my loans?
  • You have a number of payment options, including:

    • Schedule a one-time or recurring payment in UICCU Digital Banking from any of your UICCU accounts
    • Schedule a one-time or recurring payment in UICCU Digital Banking from your accounts elsewhere
    • In person or by mail


  • Do I need my coupon book to make my loan payment?
  • Nope! None of our payment options require a loan coupon. You may make a payment at any branch location or, even better, at your fingertips with UICCU Digital Banking!

  • Will the merger affect the Credit Life or Credit Disability Insurance I purchased with my loan?
  • For loans with Credit Life or Credit Disability Insurance made prior to October 1, 2021, the coverage you have will transfer to your loan with UICCU.

    For loans with Credit Life or Credit Disability Insurance made on or after October 1, 2021, you will get a notice of cancellation and an opportunity to select replacement coverage through UICCU via a separate mailing.

  • Do I have to change my auto insurance to show UICCU as lienholder on my loan?
  • We recommend that you notify your auto insurance agent of the merger. Let them know that the lienholder on your loan is now:

    University of Illinois Community Credit Union
    Insurance Tracking Center
    PO Box 924116
    Fort Worth, TX 76124

    Fax: 877-548-2416
    Toll Free: 866-315-2133

  • What happens if I have a lapse in auto insurance coverage?
  • Note: A Third-Party provider, State National Company, will monitor your loan for ongoing insurance coverage. If you get a letter from State National regarding a lapse in coverage it is imperative that you respond to it promptly to prevent expensive supplementary insurance from being added to your loan.

  • What coverage will satisfy insurance requirements?
  • Insurance will need to have full coverage comprehensive and collision insurance with no more than a $1000 deductible and UICCU listed as lienholder.

VISA Credit Card Information

  • Will I get a new VISA credit card?
  • Not right away. Your existing New Horizon Credit Union VISA card will continue to work through the merger. Click here if you’d like to upgrade to a UICCU VISA card.

  • How will I access my VISA credit card information?
  • You can continue to access information on your New Horizon Credit Union VISA account at, or by calling 1-800-322-8472. Upon upgrading to a UICCU VISA you will have online access in UICCU Digital Banking and direct assistance from UICCU staff.

  • Can I make a payment on my New Horizon Credit Union VISA credit card at a UICCU branch?
  • Not yet. Until you upgrade to a UICCU VISA, please continue to mail payments to:

    P.O. Box 4521
    Carol Stream, IL 60197

  • How do I report fraudulent transactions on my VISA credit card?
  • While you are still using your New Horizon Credit Union VISA credit card, report any fraudulent transactions by calling 1-800-322-8472.

  • Will the automatic payments for my New Horizon VISA credit card continue?
  • If you have automatic payments set up currently those will continue.

  • Can UICCU VISA credit card Rewards be added to my current New Horizon Credit Union VISA?
  • No. Please click here to apply for a UICCU Visa to start earning UICCU Rewards.

Certificate Information

  • Will any of the terms of my accounts change?
  • Rates and terms on certificates will not change until the next maturity date. Following the merger, dividends will still be paid monthly until your certificate renews, after which UICCU pays dividends quarterly.

  • What happens when my certificate matures?
  • At maturity, New Horizon Credit Union certificates will be renewed into a UICCU Share Certificate of the same term. You will receive a notification of maturity a month before your certificate matures. UICCU offers certificate terms ranging from 90 days to 60 months if you’d like to change to a new term. UICCU Certificates pay dividends monthly and at maturity.

Mortgage Information

  • What will happen with my mortgage?
  • Your mortgage will be transferred from New Horizon to UICCU and the same terms will remain.

  • Will I have online access to mortgage information?
  • You may establish online access through UICCU Digital Banking.

  • Will the credit union service my mortgage?
  • No, UICCU uses a service provider, TruHome Solutions. You can expect to get further information directly from TruHome

  • Where do I make my mortgage payments?
  • A Welcome Letter will be issued from TruHome Solutions with important payment instructions. You will be able to mail payments directly to TruHome or UICCU, visit a UICCU branch location, or through UICCU Digital Banking.

IRA Information

  • What will happen to my IRA Savings Account?
  • Your IRA Savings accounts will transfer over to a UICCU IRA Savings with a current rate of .05%.

  • What additional IRA options does UICCU offer?
  • UICCU offers IRA Certificates from 1 to 5 years.

    UICCU also provides Investment and Retirement planning services with a multitude of IRA options through the Financial Advisors in their Investment and Retirement Planning Services

Thank You for Joining Our Team!

At the University of Illinois Community Credit Union, we’re delighted to have you here. We look forward to working with you in the future to meet your financial needs. Wherever you happen to be in life, we’ll be your financial coaches to get you where you want to be.

If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know.

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