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With clickSWITCH you can easily change financial institutions or move your old accounts without any hassle.

No more forms, no more waiting, and no more than 10 minutes!  Find out more today!

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How Does it Work?

clickSWITCH is a service that helps to easily move your direct deposits and automatic payments to UICCU.

Switching your account has never been easier!  In just 4 simple steps, you can automatically move your finances to UICCU and have more time to live your life!

1. Open An Account with UICCU

If you don’t already have an account with us, you can get started online or at any of our branch locations.

2. Get Your clickSWITCH Code

After you’ve opened up your checking account with us, you just need to get your clickSWITCH code.  We offer a couple different ways for you to get your code, so look for the option that suits you best!

Call Us

Our Service Center Representatives would be happy to help you get your clickSWITCH code.

Just give us a call at 217-278-7700 and let us know that you’d like to use clickSWITCH to easily switch your deposits and payments over to us.

Contact Us

Visit a Branch

Would you rather come in and see us?

Just stop by any of our branch locations and speak with the person at the front desk.  Let them know you’d like to use clickSWITCH for your account and they would be happy to help!

Branch Locations


If you applied for your account online and selected the clickSWITCH option, your code will be emailed to you and you can use it right away!

You can always send us secure message through iBranch and we can get you a code that way too.

3. Use clickSWITCH to Switch Your Account Information

Once you have your code, you’re ready to make the switch!  Just visit the clickSWITCH portal, enter your code, and you’re on your way!

Switch Your Direct Deposits

  • Payroll
  • Pension/Retirement
  • Bonds/CDs
  • Investments

Switch Your Automatic Payments

  • Loans
  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Phone

4. Close Your Previous Checking Account

Once everything has been switched over, you can feel free to close your previous account and transfer the remaining funds to your account with UICCU.

You can send a letter, stop into a branch, or possibly use online banking to close your old account at the other financial institution.

Make the Switch Today! Get Started
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