Book Your Trip With My Illinois Rewards

Planning a vacation? Did you know you can use your Illinois VISA rewards points to book your trip with My Illinois Rewards? Booking options include flights, hotels, car rentals, and cruises. There are no blackout dates, no advance notice requirement, no round-trip flight requirement, and no Saturday night stay requirement.

Redeem Points Online

To get started, access your iBranch online banking account and click “My Illinois Rewards” in the menu bar. You will be directed to My Illinois Rewards where you can view your account balance and begin searching for travel rewards.

  1. Hover over “Redeem points” and select “Travel”My Illinois Rewards
  2. Click “Travel” on the left side of your screen, then select “Online reservations”Online Reservations
  3. Begin searching for flights, hotels, or car rentals by completing the online search tool. To view cruises and other deals, click the buttons on the top menu bar.Search for Flights
  4. Once you find the travel option that best suits your needs, add it to your itinerary. You can also split the cost between your rewards points and your credit card account if you do not have sufficient points for the travel offer you are interested in.Add to Itinerary
  5. You will then be taken to your itinerary where you can confirm your travel selection, add trip protection, and book other travel options for your trip. Once you have finished, you can select “Begin Checkout” at the bottom of the page.
  6. Following the steps in the checkout process, you will add traveler details as they appear on the traveler’s government-issued photo ID. You will also add a payment method for any outstanding charges that were not covered by rewards points. Make sure to review your travel details, and complete checkout.Timeline

Redeem By Phone

You can also redeem your points for travel by phone by calling 800-657-8125. Redeeming points for Southwest Airline tickets must be done via phone. If you are not able to find the hotel or flight you are looking for online, a representative can assist you via phone as well.

Get Your Illinois VISA Rewards Card

Don’t have an Illinois VISA Rewards Credit Card? Learn more and apply today by clicking here.

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